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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fossil Activities

Okay, this one is close to my heart.  
I have always harbored a deep desire to go out into the wilderness and dig for bones.  Unfortunately my fear of student loans outweigh my interest in getting a second degree in paleontology and so I'll have to settle for being a B-grade rock hound and fossil hunter.  
This beautiful camarasaurus skeleton lives (dies? continues to be dead?) at the amazing Dinosaur National Monument.  If you're ever near Dinosaur, Montana (real place) definitely check it out.  They have so many dinosaur fossils that they literally don't care if you touch them.  A park ranger actually went out of her way to make us take pictures of ourselves feeling this enormous femur.
HomeGrownFun has nice, simple directions for making your own fossils with Plaster of Paris.
The National Park Service also has a special site full of resources for National Fossil Day- which I just discovered is a real thing that happens!  
I am a little bummed that I've been missing out on Fossil Day festivities all these years.  But you better believe I'm going to make up for lost time this October 14th!  I think I'll go to Fossil, Oregon pop. 473 (also a real place) and do it up Fossil style.

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