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Sunday, February 22, 2015

More fun With Printers- Calendars!

Okay, okay, I know it's almost March, but I just got around to checking out printable calendars for 2015 and I thought I'd pass along a couple cute ones to any fellow procrastinators out there.  Printing your own calendar is more fun (and frugal) than buying new and because you don't have to print the whole year at once you can mix it up and have a different style every month if you want.

Thanks to Tina at for this stand-up, tri-fold calendar.  I printed this to use at work and it's really sweet.  Be aware that they're pretty small, maybe three or four inches on each side but it's perfect for a desk or counter.  I highly recommend card stock so it doesn't just blow away anytime someone opens a door.  

If you want something bigger that you can write on then check out this one from Craftaholics Anonymous.  The fonts are nice and the layout looks clean.  

Something Fishy

Fish make great first pets, they're quiet, tidy, and not so lovable that the house will be thrown into mourning for weeks when they inevitably kick the bucket.  That being said, I was pretty fond of my fish as a kid.  One even got a headstone when it departed into the watery hereafter- "RSVP Angel."  I got a useful lesson on acronyms that day but the paint had already dried and so we kept it.  
This is my niece having a staring competition with Herman the Sturgeon, a ten-foot-long, 425 lb behemoth.  Sturgeons are a prehistoric type of bottom feeder who prefer to eat dead things and have no bones, only cartilage, presumable making them not only huge and filthy but squishy too. 

Also, there are many good coloring pages of fish online but I'm partial to the realistic-yet-freaky ones like this one.:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

"The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman

This book is the children's novel equivalent of an action film that leaves you feeling entertained but still wondering what exactly you just saw.  So how did the bad guys all know each other?  What was the deal with that monster that lived underground?  Why were they trying to kill the good guy?  Don't get me wrong, it's good escapist fantasy and a fun read.  But just be prepared to suspend your disbelief and not get answers to everything at the end.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Miniature Romantic Getaway

Well, it's Valentine's Day and what could be more romantic than taking your sweetie to the City of Light for a kiss under the Eiffel Tower?  But if flying to Paris is not in the cards for you this year you can do the next best thing and print your own Parisian get-away compliments of Made by Joel.  Stick a candle in there and you have an adorable centerpiece for dinner in for two.  Just don't set the Arch De Triomph on fire.
I printed this on card stock and it came out really nicely.  He has lots of other great free printables, for example this cute circus that is just crying out for some glitter glue.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun with Printers- Paper Dolls and Finger Puppets!

Oh my goodness!  It made my day when I discovered Mr. Printables.  He has so many adorable craft templates that you can print for free from his site.
I made these cone paper dolls with my niece the other day and they were a big hit.
We also made some pretty cool finger puppets

He has some good ideas for upcycling your garbage into toys as well.

Check him out at